What we do

Upward Designs specializes in creating a professional web presence for your business for an affordable investment. We will provide the technical backing and work with you to build content that brings customers.

Customers are a changin'

Customers in all industries are using the internet to ''scope out'' businesses before they leave their computers. From retail to agriculture to services, consumers are changing the way they research and shop. Online retail sales are predicted to grow by 10% over the next five years. Even if you do not have a product that can be sold online, consumers will be either looking at your samples and branding online, or they will be exposed to a competitor’s website.

Challenges of small business owners

Small businesses face a significant challenge in either self-developing or finding a website designer with reasonable fees. Self-developing requires a lot of time to learn about the internet world from another perspective. Website design fees can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the provider. The prices dramatically increase when a small business wants to create an online storefront.

Central Nebraska has a large number of small businesses that have not yet made their presence known online. Trying to find a good website firm is challenging, unless you are willing to work with someone in a larger town on the east side of the state. We created Upward Designs to address these challenges by providing professional and affordable web design.

About Us

Upward Designs is a collaborative effort between Mike and Kelly Hale. A tax accountant by trade, Kelly has done freelance web design for over 10 years. She enjoys the creative challenge of putting together a design from scratch that will professionally showcase a client’s business.

Mike has an extensive sales and computer background. Originally from Kansas City, Mike enjoys meeting clients’ needs with affordable solutions. He has also picked up on the technical side of web programming in taking a client’s ideas from sketch to online.

Upward Designs